The Alphastrut® range of aluminium support systems and handrail solutions offer practical benefits to Maintenance, Modifications and Operations (MMO) contractors operating in the offshore oil & gas and marine sectors.

The products were originally developed specifically for use on topside modules of North Sea offshore platforms, so meet the safety and corrosion resistance standards required for the most demanding of environments.

They also deliver significant savings on installation times and weight compared to traditional steel products, helping to make Alphastrut a cost-effective choice for MMO contractors.

NORSOK compliant aluminium handrail system

The Alphastrut aluminium handrail was designed to be as simple to install as possible and no welding, hot works or painting are required. It works seamlessly with changes of elevation and direction without users having to break hand contact, so can safely be installed on any external walkway with stairs and corners.

Alphastrut aluminium handrails are quick and easy to install.

Alphastrut aluminium handrails are quick and easy to install.

It is a fully bolted system that can be fixed into place quickly, reducing the amount of time it takes to create a safe working environment for repair, maintenance and decommissioning jobs on offshore platforms and marine vessels. The system can also be modified in situ or removed and reused, if required.

The speed of installation applies as much to retrofit work as to new-build projects. The design of Alphastrut handrails means they can be bolted on to existing systems to replace damaged or corroded sections of steel rails and posts, allowing repairs to be completed in a quick, safe and cost-effective manner.

As the handrails are made from aluminium, they offer a significant weight saving compared to steel alternatives, making manual handling much easier. This is achieved without any detrimental effect on durability. Alphastrut handrails are strong enough to retain their structural integrity when struck by an external force, do not develop cracks and, as the aluminium extrusions are anodised to marine grade AA25, have excellent corrosion resistance.

The DNV GL certified system is fully NORSOK C-002 compliant, so you can be certain it offers the highest safety standards and is suitable for use on any offshore platform or vessel.

Alphastrut aluminium support system

The Alphastrut aluminium support system was originally developed for the BP Valhall North Sea platform’s LQ and PFS modules, where it is used as raised access flooring grids with integrated cable containment, as overhead service support grids, to support the atrium’s cladding and for stairs, ramps and fire hose reel supports.

The Alphastrut support system is ideal for overhead service support grids.

The Alphastrut support system is ideal for overhead service support grids.

Weight saving was the primary goal during the product development phase (it is around 50% of the weight of a traditional steel system), but the fact it was much simpler to install - with no welding, hot works or painting required - also proved to be a major benefit that delivered time and cost savings at the fit-out stage.

Alphastrut was designed to be compatible with traditional steel support systems and the aluminium channels match the standard sizes used for the most commonly specified steel alternatives. As such, it can be used to replace damaged channels in installed steel support frames or to reconfigure / extend existing flooring or overhead grids.

Many of the advantages that Alphastrut offers on new build projects are equally relevant for retrofit work. Selecting Alphastrut ahead of steel support systems for repairs and modifications will mean you benefit from:

  • Lower weight for easier transportation and manual handling
  • Cold cut - no hot works permit required
  • No welding required for installation
  • No painting required
  • Fully bolted construction for quick installation
  • Multi-faceted connection points
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Adaptability that allows for multiple uses

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