Compare support systems with the Alphastrut weight saving calculator

Published: 14th June 2016

The Alphastrut® aluminium support system offers a considerable weight saving over conventional steel systems - and to show you exactly how much, we have launched an online weight saving calculator.

The system was originally developed for the BP Valhall redevelopment as a solution to the problem of how to reduce the weight of topside modules for offshore oil and gas platforms. 

Our calculator will demonstrate to you just how effective Alphastrut is as an answer to the issue, and it is straightforward to use. 

  • Enter details of the components needed for your support system using the drop down menu
  • See how much an Alphastrut system would weigh compared to an equivalent steel one
  • Save your calculation for future reference and email the result to yourself with a single click

Click here to begin comparing Alphastrut with steel systems. 

If you require more detailed calculations (eg: for a raised floor grid to cover a specific area), please contact the Alphastrut design team, who will be happy to help.