Alphastrut completes seven figure North Sea contract

Published: 10th December 2014

Alphastrut has completed work on the BP Clair Ridge project

Alphastrut®, a leading supplier of aluminium support systems to the global energy industry, has announced the completion of a seven figure contract with BP which has saved the supermajor around 54 tonnes in weight.

Alphastrut comprises engineered aluminium extrusions and fabricated brackets which are bolted together to form support frames, used in everything from load-bearing raised-access floors to ceiling grids and bulkhead supports.

The Alphastrut aluminium system was successfully installed on the BP Clair Ridge accommodation module, providing both raised access flooring and ceiling cable containment support.


The platform consists of two bridge-linked platforms, situated 75km west of the Shetland Islands, with its accommodation module weighing 3500 tonnes.

Construction of the living quarter module and incorporation of Alphastrut was carried out at Hyundai Industries’ yard in Korea, with the raised access flooring system covering an area of 1250m2 on the six-story accommodation module.

David Lawson, managing director of Alphastrut said: “We are very pleased with the success of this project and the results delivered for BP.  With a total weight saving of 54 tonnes, we are satisfied that we have more than delivered our objectives resulting in both significant cost and time savings for our client.

“The weight saving offered by Alphastrut is a key benefit for operators and contractors, as it allows them to design lighter structures and maximise the amount of revenue-generating kit onboard. The lightweight components also reduce installation, transport and shipping costs, minimise project times and improve safety, all of which are top priorities.”

Alphastrut was acquired earlier this year by the UK’s leading stockist and supplier of plate and speciality metals, Murray Metals.