Raised floor without structural support plinths
Equipment cabinets mounted on an Alphastrut raised floor
Simple cable installation with Alphastrut
Raised access floor system for data centres and control rooms.
  • No fixed structural steel plinths required
  • Stable structure even before tiles are fitted
  • Reduced costs
  • Simpler cabling installation

Alphastrut – The Load Bearing Raised Access Floor System

The Alphastrut® aluminium raised access floor system has been developed to allow equipment cabinets to be supported directly on the floor grid, eliminating the requirement for fixed structural steel plinths within the floor void.

The versatility of the Alphastrut system means the floor grid can be configured up to 1.5m high and to accommodate heavy static loads such as server cabinets, control room equipment and switchgear.

Benefits of not using support plinths

The fact that an Alphastrut raised access floor grid can accommodate equipment cabinets directly has a number of key benefits for the fit-out phase of projects. These advantages are accentuated by the fact it does not require the installation of the floor tiles prior to cabling as the grid provides a safe and stable structure to work from.

  • Reduced costs -  Welded sub-floor structural support plinths are expensive to fabricate and install. An Alphastrut grid removes this requirement and hence allows greater freedom in the location of the sub-floor containment runs.
  • Improved adaptability - Using fixed structural plinths to support equipment restricts your ability to change the equipment footprint of your data centre or control room should the equipment load be changed or expanded. The Alphastrut aluminium flooring grid was designed to be versatile once in situ, so the floor can easily be updated to accommodate equipment layout changes or the installation of additional equipment.  
  • Simpler cabling - The welded legs of the equipment support plinths are an obstacle when attempting to design and install the often complex cable routing required in control rooms, substations and data centres. In contrast, an Alphastrut flooring grid provides the maximum space for cabling, with no plinths required and greater span between the main support legs when compared to traditional pedestal raised access floors.

How does it work?

The Alphastrut system is one of the strongest flooring solutions on the market, thanks to the combination of cleverly designed channels and aluminium’s natural strength, and is designed to create a rigid laterally stable structure independent of the perimeter walls. This in-built strength can be augmented by the way the floor is configured to support heavy loads.

Equipment cabinets are mounted on to Alphastrut channels, which are attached directly to the main support members of the floor grid. To find out exactly how this would work in your project, please contact our design team.

In open floor areas, fewer grid support legs are used in order to optimise the space available for cable runs. The job of installing cabling is made simpler still by the fact that Alphastrut features a fully-integrated sub-floor support system that allows cable ladders, baskets and service supports to be attached directly to the underside main grid structure or the support legs.

The Alphastrut design team can configure the raised access floor to cope with the load of whatever equipment and cabinets are required for your projects.

Where can Alphastrut flooring grids be used?

The Alphastrut system was originally developed for use on topside modules of North Sea oil & gas platforms, where its strength, quick no-welding installation, adaptability and low weight makes it the most practical and cost-effective choice.

In order to be specified for use on offshore platforms, the system has to meet some of the world’s most stringent safety and quality standards, demonstrating that it can be safely used in almost any environment from marine to manufacturing and power generation.

As Alphastrut is aluminium it is non-shedding, so is particularly well suited to use in data centre, clean room, pharmaceutical manufacturing and food production environments.

For more information about Alphastrut’s raised access flooring system and how it could be configured to meet the requirements of your project, contact our design team for an initial discussion.


Alphastrut raised access floor



Alphastrut was chosen to save weight on the BP Valhall offshore platform.

The Alphastrut® overhead support grid and raised access flooring system was selected for the LQ and PFS modules of BP’s Valhall redevelopment project.



Alphastrut aluminium raised access flooring and support grid system was installed on BP Clair Ridge.

The Alphastrut® aluminium raised access floor and cable management system was selected for the BP Clair Ridge platform, which was built by Hyundai in Korea.



Alphastrut designed and supplied aluminium raised access flooring for Nexen Golden Eagle.

Alphastrut® was selected to design and supply a 110 sq/m aluminium raised access flooring system for Nexen’s Golden Eagle project.