Using Alphastrut's aluminium system saved 120 tonnes on the BP Valhall project.
Alphastrut was chosen for fire hose reel supports and atrium supports on the project.
Alphastrut supplied a 1,000 sq/m aluminium raised access flooring solution for BP Valhall.
Alphastrut's weight saving properties and strength made it perfect for the offshore platform.
  • Over 120 tonnes of weight saved

  • Substantial cost saving compared to stainless steel

  • Significant time saving due to ease of installation

  • Alphastrut used for service support grid and flooring

  • Hidden support system designed for atrium cladding

BP Valhall: Over 120 tonnes of weight saved via aluminium flooring and support grid

The Alphastrut® system was originally developed to help BP save as much weight as possible on the Valhall redevelopment project.

The strength, relative lightness, durability and ease of installation of Alphastrut compared to conventional support systems saw it specified for extensive use in the ten-storey living quarters (LQ) module of the platform and the power from shore (PFS) module.

When building Valhall, SLP Lowestoft used Alphastrut for an overhead support grid, with electrical, mechanical, HVAC and architectural supports all suspended from the ceiling grid system.

It also installed an aluminium raised access floor system of circa 1,000 sq/m, with Gamma Alucast aluminium floor tiles.

A hidden Alphastrut system was used to support the Valhall atrium’s cladding. Our engineers designed a clamping solution that fitted into the web of steel beams to create a support grid for the panels, without any further hot works or paintworks disruption.

Alphastrut was also utilised for a range of other applications, including stairs, ramps and fire hose reel supports. Fire hose reels need to be housed in a recessed frame, which must be strong enough to carry the dead weight of the hose and to support the loads imposed by it being pulled out and water being discharged through it. Compact but robust support frames were fabricated using Alphastrut channels and brackets, and then clad in materials to match the surrounding partitions.  

The net benefit of selecting Alphastrut for the project was a weight saving of more than 120 tonnes over conventional stainless steel support systems, along with significant cost and time savings.

Alphastrut was used as a support system in the atrium.



Alphastrut aluminium raised access flooring and support grid system was installed on BP Clair Ridge.

The Alphastrut® aluminium raised access floor and cable management system was selected for the BP Clair Ridge platform, which was built by Hyundai in Korea.



Alphastrut designed and supplied aluminium raised access flooring for Nexen Golden Eagle.

Alphastrut® was selected to design and supply a 110 sq/m aluminium raised access flooring system for Nexen’s Golden Eagle project.



Alphastrut system for sub-floor cable management.

The Alphastrut® aluminium support system has proved hugely effective in dealing with complex sub-floor cable management requirements.