Aluminium Handrail and Walkway System

Alphastrut handrails keep you continually in touch with safety

The Alphastrut® aluminium handrail system is a 100% NORSOK compliant solution that combines the highest safety standards with exceptional durability, a low maintenance requirement and straightforward welding-free installation procedure.

NORSOK C-002 compliant 

The Alphastrut handrail system, which is DNV GL certified, is fully compliant with the relevant NORSOK standards (established by the Norwegian petroleum industry to ensure the safety and cost effectiveness of developments), demonstrating that it delivers excellent safety levels. 

It features a continuous unobstructed top rail with matching mid and bottom rails, so there is no need to break hand contact - even through elevation and directional changes.

This design and the way it can be adapted to any layout makes the Alphastrut handrail system perfect for use on offshore oil and gas platforms and marine vessels, as well as in any onshore aggressive environment (such as power stations, chemical manufacturing facilities, food and drink processing plants, and petroleum refineries). 

High durability - low maintenance 


As the system is made from high grade aluminium extrusions anodised to marine grade, it benefits from exceptional corrosion resistance in even the toughest of environments and it will not rust in the same way as the mild steel handrails that have traditionally been used in marine and offshore settings.

This high level of corrosion resistance means the handrail system does not need to be painted, removing the need for regular repainting once in situ. 

Alphastrut handrails match the steel alternatives for strength, so retain their structural integrity when struck by an external force and do not develop cracks. This is achieved despite the handrails being much lighter than steel systems, with a typical straight run weighing only 17Kg/m. 

This combination of strength and corrosion resistance ensures the sum total of maintenance work required for the system is a visual check during the planned inspection regime to look for any damage. 

Welding-free installation

All Alphastrut solutions are designed to be quick and simple to install, and the handrail system is no exception, helping to reduce the cost of fit-outs.

Supplied as either a continuous run or as demountable panels to suit the requirements of the project, the system is fully bolted and features fully adjustable connection details for stair and wall fixing, with no welding required at any stage and no special tools needed. The only drilling that may be involved in a new installation will be to fix the post base plate bracket. 

Alphastrut handrails can be cut to size for any required layout and as they are aluminium, they can be cut cold on site, saving time and removing the need for hot works permits. 

The system’s standard finish is anodised aluminium, but it can be supplied ready powder coated to meet the specifications of your project. 

The Alphastrut handrail system is also straightforward to install on retrofit projects, such as the replacement of corroded mild steel handrails on ships and offshore platforms. A clamping system allows for a fully bolted connection to the existing steelwork with no requirement for welding, although some drilling may be needed depending on the existing set-up.  

As the system has a long life expectancy and is simple to uninstall, it can be reused. As such, it is ideal as a safety measure on decommissioning projects. 

Along with handrails, walkways can be fabricated for modular installation to suit your requirements for either offshore or onshore projects. Where necessary, the handrail system can also be designed to accommodate security gates, lights or heating elements.

For more information about the Alphastrut handrail system, please view the technical information below or contact us to speak to one of our design team

The Alphastrut aluminium handrail system is durable, low maintenance and easy to install.



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