Cable Management

Alphastrut’s aluminium cable containment and support solution is a fully bolted and clamped overhead / ceiling service support grid system that has significant benefits over galvanised steel and stainless steel alternatives.

  • Reduced weight, with no loss of strength
  • Can accommodate supports for all types of services
  • Simple to install and maintain
  • No hot work or specialist welding required for installation
  • Total design freedom - fix services anywhere on the grid
  • Cheaper than stainless steel systems

The properties of aluminium and patent pending designs used in the Alphastrut system mean it is strong enough to work effectively, but much lighter than traditional steel products, ensuring the final build is lighter, putting less stress on supporting structures and making it easier and less expensive to fit, lift and ship.

Alphastrut’s grid system is fully adaptable and can be designed to support the full range of cabling and services needed for your project, including electrical, mechanical, HVAC and architectural.

As it is bolted in place, it is simple to install and maintain. There are no fixed weld starter brackets, so you can avoid hot works and the associated delays and health and safety issues.

A full design and specification services is available and Alphastrut’s system can be supplied as standard lengths for cutting on site or as a bespoke kit designed specifically for your project. It will be delivered with brackets and appropriate fixings to create a rapid installation solution, and is available with a range of compatible cable trays and baskets.

Due to its adaptability, Alphastrut has many uses other than those normally associated with service support systems. On previous projects, we have designed bespoke solutions for items such as stairs, ramps, fire hose reel supports, raised seating area supports, under stair soffit cladding supports and atrium cladding panel supports. Alphastrut channels can also be used to create a header support grid to allow the fixing of ceiling cladding systems and partition head supports.

The system was originally designed for use in offshore oil and gas platforms, but is also ideal for datacentres, clean rooms, chemical plants and other manufacturing facilities.

To find out more about how Alphastrut would work in your project, download the technical data sheets and PDMS files below. 

Alphastrut's aluminium service support solution needs no hot work for installation.


Alphastrut aluminium flooring and service support systems for offshore oil and gas platforms.


The Alphastrut® system was developed as a weight-saving solution for the topside modules of offshore oil and gas platforms, and also delivers significant time and cost savings.


Alphastrut for marine and shipbuilding


The Alphastrut® aluminium support system was developed for use on offshore oil and gas platforms, so has the strength and corrosion resistance required for marine applications.




The Alphastrut® range of aluminium support systems and handrail solutions offer practical benefits to MMO contractors operating in the offshore oil & gas and marine sectors.




The Alphastrut® range of aluminium raised access flooring, cable management and handrail systems are ideal for the aggressive environments of process manufacturing plants. 


Alphastrut aluminium flooring and service support solutions for datacentres and clean rooms.


The Alphastrut® system is perfect for environments where cleanliness, corrosion, aesthetics and particulate shedding are key considerations, such as datacentres and clean rooms.


Alphastrut aluminium flooring and service support systems for construction projects.


The Alphastrut® aluminium raised access flooring and cable management system is an adaptable solution that offers significant cost savings in many types of construction project.