Alphastrut vs Pedestal Floors - Comparing the Costs

The Alphastrut® aluminium raised access flooring system for offshore and marine has significant design and usability advantages that engineers easily recognise, but it is also a product with benefits for procurement teams.

Its weight saving properties, strength, adaptability and the ability to accommodate multi-tier cable ladder runs with maximum cable separation make Alphastrut an obvious choice from a technical viewpoint, but those features may not be at the forefront of your thinking if you are the buyer in charge of delivering the module within budget.

Identifying the best value flooring system can be difficult, as the various products on the market have very different pricing models. Simply comparing the price per square metre of the Alphastrut raised access floor grid with a traditional pedestal floor will not give you an accurate figure for the total installed cost.

For example, the Alphastrut aluminium flooring grid includes an integrated sub-floor service support system and does not require structural support plinths for equipment cabinets. With a pedestal floor, both the service support system and support plinths are extra costs on top of the price of the flooring grid itself.

Alphastrut also delivers large savings on fit out costs, as it is a fully bolted system that does not require any hot works or skilled welders to install and comes with adjustable legs for quick fitting on uneven deck plates. Unlike pedestal floors, Alphastrut’s raised access flooring grid provides a stable work platform without the tiles on, giving easier access for installing sub-floor cabling and ensuring tiles do not get damaged during the fit-out phase of the project.

There are further details in the table below of what you get for your budget when buying Alphastrut instead of traditional steel flooring systems, demonstrating that our raised access floor is highly competitive on total installed cost.  

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Independent service support system
Structural cabinet support plinths
Separate stairs and handrails
Replacements for tiles damaged in construction


Fully integrated sub floor service supports
Equipment cabinets supported on floor grid
Full grid stability without tiles fitted
Fully adjustable legs to suit uneven deck plates
Variable leg centres in both directions
No hot works
No cut end treatment
Skilled welders required


Multi faceted connection details
Excellent strength to weight ratio
Low weight channel combinations
Fully bolted, no drilling
Full technical and drawing support
Fully integrated stairs, ramps and handrails


Forms stable work platfrom without tiles
No sharp edges
Cold cut
Low weight